Good Earth proudly supports LOCAL Schools, Churches and Organizations in the form of giving Gift Cards that can be used at any time at either of our Good Earth locations. We take great pride in being your neighborhood Garden Center and embrace the opportunity to help our neighbors.

Good Earth understands all causes are worthy, however we do not provide donations to Regional and National Organizations.

Please stop by, give us a call or mail your Donation Form to us. We will review immediately and process it for you.

Local Non-Profits

Good Earth is proud to partner with Local Non-Profits to assist with the needs of our neighbors.

Montgomery County Recycling: Good Earth distributes FREE Compost Bins to County residents. Recycling grass and leaf clippings, along with other organic debris in your yard is a great way to cut back on filling our landfills… not to mention it’s a natural and free manner to enrich your soil.

Community Ministries of Rockville: Good Earth supports the good works of CMR as they improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable Montgomery County residents. We have hosted drives to encourage our neighbors to contribute along with us, to this local organization.

Montgomery County Master Gardeners: Good Earth often steers our customers with plant issues to this extension office. Master Gardeners offer free services that the public may take advantage of, including telephone consultation,  plant clinics, landscape design for government and non-profit organizations, therapeutic horticulture, and demonstration gardens.