The Anthurium Houseplant

Anthuriums are one of the few consistently blooming houseplants that add color to your home. Coming in many shades of pink, red, and white,these are exotic-looking flowering tropicals with big, glossy green leaves and a tall-growing habit.

Since they are tropical, they enjoy humid environments or regular misting. Drier environments might result in smaller blooms or smaller leaves.

Anthurium is an excellent air purifier too.

Beware! If your pet has a habit of eating your houseplants, Anthurium will not work for you.


Recipe for a happy Anthurium

Water – Allow the top of the soil to dry slightly in between waterings. Depending on the amount of light it receives, this could be every 7-10 days, but with any plant, always keep a lookout to see how fast it dries!

Light – In order to support blooms, these guys need moderate to bright lighting situations. A window (no direct sunlight) would be perfect.

Fertilizing – Regular fertilizing will help ensure consistent and beautiful blooms, as well as supporting the plant.