Cooler weather, or more specifically weather below 50 Fahrenheit, begins the cycle of bringing your houseplants indoors that have been outside for most of the Summer/Spring. All houseplants will most likely suffer damage below 40 F.

Here are some steps to take when bringing your houseplants indoors:

  1. Spray your plant with Bonide Neem Oil or Insecticidal Soap before bringing the plant indoors. This ensures it is pest-free
  2. To keep your plant insect-free during the winter time, utilize Bonide Systemic Houseplant Granules for 8-10 weeks of protection.
  3. Inspect the plant for re-potting needs. Sometimes plants like to be transplanted into new pots when brought indoors.
  4. When re-potting, make sure to choose a pot that is 2-4″ larger in size than the current pot your plant is in.
  5. Don’t forget a saucer or caddy for when you water your plant indoors! This minimizes the mess when watering.
  6. Water and feed your plant regularly with Bonide houseplant food. This can ensure the health and longevity of the plant.

It is worth keeping in mind that during the winter time, houseplants don’t require water too frequently. Make sure to check the soil based on the conditions the plant requires water, and work with a routine from there. An easy tool to use is a water meter.

We have all kinds of products, including ones mentioned above, that provides the success of keeping your beloved houseplant(s) thriving.

Happy planting! Stay warm!