Succulent Pumpkin – An Easy Fall DIY Project!

Succulent Pumpkin – An Easy Fall DIY Project! We love succulents and we love pumpkins! Put them together to create an incredibly unique centerpiece for the autumn season. When the pumpkin begins to fade, you can transplant the succulents to enjoy them for years to come. Here’s what you need: Floral Push Pins Scissors A […]

All About Anthurium

The Anthurium Houseplant Anthuriums are one of the few consistently blooming houseplants that add color to your home. Coming in many shades of pink, red, and white,these are exotic-looking flowering tropicals with big, glossy green leaves and a tall-growing habit. Since they are tropical, they enjoy humid environments or regular misting. Drier environments might result […]

Bringing Your Houseplants Indoors

Cooler weather, or more specifically weather below 50 Fahrenheit, begins the cycle of bringing your houseplants indoors that have been outside for most of the Summer/Spring. All houseplants will most likely suffer damage below 40 F. Here are some steps to take when bringing your houseplants indoors: Spray your plant with Bonide Neem Oil or Insecticidal […]

All About Bulbs

Bulbs! Bulbs! Bulbs! They are very easy to plant and provide the most beautiful blooms once they grow. Here, we will be featuring a few different kinds that might meet your needs. Amaryllis Indoor Bulb Start these bad boys NOW! They will take 8-10 weeks to bloom. Loves a warm, sunny location indoors. If you […]

Sansevieria: The Easy-Going Snake Plant

Sansevieria, known commonly as the Snake Plant, and is a houseplant growing in popularity for all homes due to its easy-care nature. This plant will thrive in an office environment, a school, your bathroom, or a place that might not get a lot of light (it still needs some!). Forgot to water it? The Snake […]

Spring Workshops 2020

Good Earth’s Spring Workshops 2020 Please be sure to call 301-765-0224 ext. 2 to sign up for your desired workshop. Limited spacing is available. Orchid Workshop Saturday, February 15th at 2PM, repotting to follow. The Best Valentine’s Day gift for your Valentine… An orchid container made by you! Join us and our special guest, Sherri […]

Fall & Winter Workshops 2019

Good Earth Fall and Winter Workshops 2019 Forcing Bulbs Workshop Saturday, November 16 at 1PM Want to have something blooming when the dreary winter days are here? It’s not too soon to think about forcing bulbs for a burst of spring during the darkest days ahead. If you want an amaryllis blooming for the holidays, […]

Spring Workshops

Spring Workshops 2018 Orchid Inspiration Saturday February 11th, 11am-12pm (hands on orchid re-potting to follow) Wanna know more about the ever-so-lovely and exotic orchid?  Join us and Mr. Steve Robinson; Orchid Grower, Photographer, and Master Gardener.  We will explore the art of growing orchids!  Bring your Orchid along to learn hands-on how to properly repot […]


Healthy and lush houseplants bring warmth and interest to your home decor. From beginners to green thumb gardeners, everyone can benefit from the beauty of living plants in the home. For the most part when it comes to houseplants, oftentimes less is more. Too much of a good thing like water, light and attention can […]