Container Gardens add instant color to gardens large and small.  Adding container gardens to a patio, deck, or flanking a doorstep are a cheerful way to welcome to the season.  Container gardens can be a part of the architecture of your home and add great curb appeal.

Choose containers that work with your space.  Cluster a few pots of various heights together to fill a large corner.  Place a taller pot in front of the utility box you’d like to hide.  Strategically place pots down a walkway to add color and draw your eye down the path.

Once your containers have a home, consider these few things when choosing your plants…

Composition.  Should your container garden be one sided or will it be looked at from all sides?

The Thriller. This is the height, focal point.  How much height do you want for the container? Using a simple green dracaena spike can do the trick, or you can use a tropical Hibiscus or Mandevilla for some real thrill in a large container.

The Spiller. This is a cascading addition to soften edges of your container and draw eye down below the rest of the container garden.  Use plants such as trailing petunias, bacopa, calibrachoa (million bells), or simple vinca vine.

The Filler. This is the mid-height plants that fill-in the middle areas between your thriller and spiller plants.  Good examples of fillers are flowering vinca, geraniums, begonias and foliage plants like coleus and dusty miller.

Try to minimize strong colors to two or three and keep colors & textures balanced on all side.  Remember…You are the artist!  The container of soil is your pallet and the plants are your paint brushes…have FUN!


Use fresh potting soil…Organic Gardener’s Gold Potting Soil.

Your plants will be living in it all season, so it should have plenty of nutrients and moisture retention.

Fertilize your plants to keep them blooming best…Osmocote, Flower-Tone, or Bud & Bloom!

Water regularly.  Mornings are ideal to water, but evenings are better than not at all!  Keep water on soil, try not to water on top of blossoms.