Each leaf of a Croton is a rainbow of color.  The more light it gets, the more color.

Light: Moderate to Bright Indirect

Water: Every 7-10 days depending on size pot, or only when soil is slightly dry.  Do not allow it to dry completely.


Fiddleleaf FigFicus Lyrata – Fiddleleaf Fig

Big dramatic leaves are great for filling spacious corners and making a statement in a room.Neglect and bright light is best to keep this beauty thriving.

Light: Bright Indirect Light

Water: Water every 10-14 days depending on size pot, or when top of soil is very dry to touch.


Yucca CaneYucca Cane

Striking architectural growth habit.  Perfect for bright corners.  Low maintenance

Light: Bright Indirect Light

Water: Every 10-14 days, or when soil is completely dry to touch.