Get the most out of your investment whether they’re annuals, perennials or tropicals. If your plant has blossoms, we recommend fertilizing with Bud and Bloom. The unique formula dissolves instantly, so you can soak the root.  You can use a pail, a water can or hose-end sprayer. It works well on roses, flowering annuals, flowering perennials, hibiscus and mandevilla, all hanging baskets and flowering containers.

So easy to use…

1 Tablespoon to 1 Gallon of water every 2 weeks.
We suggest watering the container through once then water with Bud and Bloom Solution.

Fertilizing your hanging baskets and containers of annuals is a sure way to keep them blooming all summer long.

Like humans, plants will look their best and be most healthy if they are given the proper nutrients.

We can help you choose which form of fertilizer is best for your plants.  Our best seller is Bud and Bloom, a water soluble fertilizer which should be used every 10 days to two weeks.  We find many of our customers prefer the convenience of Osmocote… sprinkle into the soil and this time-release formula will gradually discharge fertilizer into the root system for three months.

No matter the method, we urge you to help your plant meet its potential, by feeding and consistently watering it.


Trees and Bushes

Our line of Espoma Organic Holly~tone, Plant~tone, Rose~tone and Tree~tone fertilizers are specifically formulated to ensure healthy trees and bushes. Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for a steady, continuous feeding. Safe for people, pets and the environment.