Annuals are plants that live and thrive for one growing season. Good Earth offers a wide variety of annuals to meet your landscape needs and we proudly offer a 30-day guarantee on our annual plants.

Annuals are generally separated into three categories; sun, shade and partial sun/shade.

  • Sun annuals are plants that require at least 6 hours of full sun to grow.
  • Shade annuals can tolerate no more than 4 hours of direct sun to grow.
  • Partial sun/shade annuals do best with between 4 to 6 hours of sun preferably in the morning when the heat is less intense.

For best results, be sure to plant in rich, well-drained soil. We recommend mixing Bumper Crop into your existing soil to add essential nutrients vital for healthy plants.

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What is featured below is a general, not but completed, list of carried annuals. We will be adding more as we get more flowers in.

Market Pack $5.99 ea
Annuals 4″ Premium
$5.99 ea
Annuals 4″ Standard
$3.29 ea
Shade Sun Shade Sun Shade Sun
Wax Begonias Vinca New Guinea Impatiens Geranium Wax Begonias Vinca
Impatiens Marigolds Impatiens Angelonia Marigolds
Torenia Petunia Torenia Petunia Salvia
Hypoestes Salvia Hypoestes Calibrachoa Dianthus
Coleus Portulaca Coleus Yubi Portulaca Dusty Miller
Dianthus Caladium Sun Impatiens Alyssum
Cosmos Specialty Begonias Cosmos Snapdragons
Zinnia Zinnia Celosia
Dusty Miller Mexican Heather
Lobelia Lobelia
Alyssum Lantana
Snapdragons Verbena
Celosia Euphorbia Diamond Frost
Prices vary
Hanging Baskets
$32.99 ea
Accent 4″ Standard
$3.99 ea
Accent 4″ Premium
$6.99 ea
Mandevilla Geranium
Hibiscus Tree Calibrachoa Vinca Vina
Sweet Potato Vine
Hibiscus Bush Petunia Ivy Fiberoptic
Dipladenia Portulaca Dracaena Spike
Gardenia Tree Verbena
Mixed 10″
Mixed 12″ – $42.99