Hybrid Tea Rose- Flowers are beautifully formed with large, high-single centered buds, supported by long, straight and upright stems. This beautiful variety has glossy green leaves and fragrant flowers used for cutting.

Grandiflora Rose- Larger in size than a hybrid tea rose bush, you can expect well formed, large, single centered buds supported by long, straight, upright stems and glossy deep green leaves.

Floribunda Rose- This compact plant with glossy dark green foliage has medium sized multiple blooms on a stem. Floribunda roses are resistant to black spot and disease.

Climbing Rose- Lush, abundant with blooms most of the season. It is a strong vigorous upright grower, easy for a beginning gardener to grow. You will want to install a trellis to support the growth of the climbing branches.  Do not prune back old growth on Climbing Roses.

Shrub Rose- These roses are prolific bloomers and require little care.  Great for mass planting in your landscape or as a feature plant in a small garden..  These compact bushes get 3-4 ft

Groundcover Drift Rose – a cross between a full-size ground cover rose and miniature roses. They are tough, disease resistant and winter hardy with easy to manage size and repeat blooming. They are perfect for any size garden, planters, and mass planting. They brighten a border as well as can control erosion on sunny hillsides and slopes.