Sansevieria, known commonly as the Snake Plant, and is a houseplant growing in popularity for all homes due to its easy-care nature.

This plant will thrive in an office environment, a school, your bathroom, or a place that might not get a lot of light (it still needs some!). Forgot to water it? The Snake Plant won’t mind a bit of time without water.

A high benefit to this plant is its air-cleaning qualities. Regarded as one of the top air-cleaners of all houseplants, the Snake Plant is great a removing air toxins and exchanging it back into fresh oxygen. It is ranked on NASA’s indoor air cleaning plant study – check that out here.

You can learn all about this guy in a video with Good Earth here:



Here are the basics to take care of this bad boy:

  1. Requires some light, but generally low to moderate amounts.
  2. In between waterings, allow top of the soil to dry completely. Water it once a month.
  3. No need for pruning!
  4. Great at air cleaning – one of NASA’s top.
  5. A tough plant.