We can do it for you…
Sometime there is just not enough time. No worries, we can do it for you!
Bring in your root bound and overgrown plants for a haircut, new pot and fresh look.  In-store re-potting and at-home container gardening services are available. 

Houseplant/Outdoor Plant Re-potting

Plant re-potted into a 4-6 inch pot …$8.00 per pot

Plant re-potted into a 8-10 inch pot …$12.00 per pot

Plant re-potted into a 12-14 inch pot …$16.00 per pot

Plant re-potted into a 16 inch pot …$20.00 per pot


*All re-potting into pots larger than 16 inch require custom pricing.

*We request 24-48 hours for re-potting during busy season.

Orchid Re-potting

Orchid re-potted into a 4-6 inch pot $12.00 per pot

Orchid re-potted into a 6-8 inch pot $15.00 per pot

*Orchids require 24-48 hours for re-potting service.


*Price of new pot is not included.

*Re-potting fees include soil, decorative moss, fertilizer.  

At-Home Potting Service is available through the Potomac Location!

We gladly serve all of Montgomery County. Please call 301-765-0224 ext. 2 for more details.