Good Earth’s Spring Workshops 2020

Please be sure to call 301-765-0224 ext. 2 to sign up for your desired workshop. Limited spacing is available.

Orchid Workshop

Saturday, February 15th at 2PM, repotting to follow.

The Best Valentine’s Day gift for your Valentine… An orchid container made by you!

Join us and our special guest, Sherri Deck, avid orchid grower and experienced houseplant retail manager. This hands-on workshop we cover basic Orchid maintenance and create your own Orchid dish garden!

BONUS: You have the opportunity to bring your own dormant Orchid (no blooms) in for repotting, and we will be happy to help you. We have beautiful ceramic pottery available for purchase.

$39 per person.


Zen Garden

Saturday, February 29 at 2PM

Find your inner peace by digging in the dirt.  You’ll fill a beautiful ceramic bonsai planter with a miniature juniper and companion plants, pebbles, and decorative items to create an oasis of tranquility to enjoy every day.  Invite a friend.  Be sure to bring your own garden gloves.

$39 fee per person includes a 10” container, potting medium, and plants to create a calming zen garden, designed and planted by you!


Pruning Primer

Sunday, March 15, 11am

Wondering when and where to prune?  Afraid of removing too much, or too little to make a difference?  The health of most plants can be enhanced by pruning, but it can also be done to maintain a particular size, stimulate production, or make a plant more aesthetically pleasing.  Learn how to make sure each cut is well reasoned, well-timed, and well made.

$19 fee per person includes new pruners.



Sunday, March 22, 11am

Wondering how to get your lawn in shape for the upcoming warm weather? This workshop will walk you through the steps you should take now to get your lawn looking its best.  Are you wondering about the new Montgomery County laws concerning pesticide use?  We’ll be able to shed some light on that topic, as well.

 $19 fee per person includes a bag of grass seed and a small bag of organic fertilizer. 


Spring Container Garden

Saturday, April 4th, 11am

Welcome the warm weather with beautiful spring flowers.  Learn what plants are right for your conditions, and get ready to get your hands dirty, too.  Invite a friend!  Be sure to bring your own garden gloves:)

 $39 fee per person includes a 16″ container, potting medium, and plants to create a lovely spring container garden, designed and planted by you!


Bringing Birds to the Garden

Saturday, April 4, 2pm

Join Vickie Baily, an expert birder, gardener, and photographer, as she shares her photo-illustrated talk on the 89 species of birds she has spotted in her Garret Park garden.  She will share her tips for how you, too, can attract more songbirds to your garden, no matter where you live.  Vickie’s nature photography is on permanent display at Black Market Bistro, and has appeared in many local outlets, including Brookside Gardens and in the Washington Post.

 $19 fee per person includes a seed wreath to begin attracting your own songbirds.