Succulent Pumpkin – An Easy Fall DIY Project!

We love succulents and we love pumpkins! Put them together to create an incredibly unique centerpiece for the autumn season. When the pumpkin begins to fade, you can transplant the succulents to enjoy them for years to come.

Here’s what you need:

  • Floral Push Pins
  • Scissors
  • A pumpkin (Best to have a flat one!)
  • 5-6 Succulent Plants (2″ pots)
  • Spanish, Spaghum, or another ball of dried moss
  • A bucket or bowl filled a quarter way with water (for soaking the moss)
  • An area you don’t mind getting dirty.


  1. Place the moss in your bowl or bucket of water to allow it to soak.
  2. Use a damp rag to clean any dirt off the pumpkin.
  3. Remove the first succulent from its lil’ pot
  4. Begin by gently removing and/or flicking the soil off the bottom (not all!) just so some roots are relieved of soil. 
  5. Wring out a handful of moss, and gently spread it into a flat rectangle.
  6. Wrap the moss around the roots, as if you were making a burrito, or swaddling a baby. 
  7. Place the wrapped-root succulent where you want near the stem of the pumpkin, and use 1-3 floral pins to secure it. Be sure to not pin the plant – only the roots!
  8. Use a little extra moss to cover any of the pins that are visible.
  9. Use a dry paintbrush to remove any dirt from the leaves of the plants and the pumpkin.
  10. Display your pumpkin on a small plate or saucer.  Water by spraying the moss every week or so.  When the pumpkin begins to get soft and decayed, gently remove the succulents and replant them in a new container.