Hydrangeas are a fantastic addition to any yard. They take up a good amount room, all the while brightening up any space.

So you have a hydrangea or you just bought a hydrangea? Every pretty plant comes with a list of needs, and Hydrangeas are no exception. There are many different varieties that require some specific cares, but most all hydrangeas need this:

1. These bad boys like well-draining soil to be planted in. We have some bumper crop mixed with regular pre-existing soil that can help out with that. 

1. Lots of water!

Deer Repellent
1. You want to make sure those deer do not get a whiff of your hydrangea, so using deer repellent immediately is our suggestion.
2. We have two great, reputable products that work: Liquid Fence and Deer Scram.

1. Certain kinds of hydrangeas prefer certain kinds of sun exposure

  1. Have a Paniculata? And contains these varieties: Limelight, etc. 
    1. These guys like the SUN! They will take a good amount of sun and stay happy.
  2. Macrophylla, which includes the varieties of Lacecaps and Mophead
    1. These DO NOT like heavy kinds of sun exposure. 

Check out our video here: