Watering is an important aspect of maintaining your plants. In this hot weather, it is especially important to make sure your plants are adequately hydrated in order to prevent wilting, loss of blooms, or the plant dying itself.

Here at Good Earth, we want to ensure that both you and your plants are happy and hearty, but keep in mind, this heat can stress them out! When they dry, lots of water is necessary.

Here are some tips on making sure your plant is watered thoroughly:

  1. All potted Annuals should be checked for water EVERY DAY.
  2. You can use your finger and poke about 1-2 inches into the soil. If it is completely dry, it needs water. If you can feel moisture, you can hold off a bit, but be sure to check again.
  3. For a pot: Soak the soil enough that water soaks the soil and goes out the hole at the bottom of the pot. On especially hot days, a second hit of water will benefit the plant.
  4. Reminder; check your plants even after a rain. A torrential downpour does not thoroughly water soil, it usually washes right past the soil and does not soak the soil as much as you might think. Be sure to note your plants that are undercover and do not receive rain.
  5. If you had any new installations of shrubs or trees, making sure to keep up the watering so they don’t get stressed out.
    1. Deep-root watering is beneficial for your new tree or shrub. Let the hose run on a slow and steady trickle at the base of the plant, allowing it to soak in for 10-20 minutes. These new guys require about 1″ of water a week for the first growing season.  Do this every 2-3 days for a few months until it is established into the new soil.

Check out our video here on how to water an annual: